Network Architecture, Capacity Planning, and Performance Monitoring:

We analyze, design, implement, and maintain computer intranets and extranets.

We analyze the dynamics between custom, vertical, and general business applications and the network infrastructure to refine the system and optimize performance. In the process of designing a network system, we specify the components which will provide optimal performance with sensitivity to price. We implement rapid response computer systems. We endeavor to anticipate and correct failures before they occur. If, by circumstance, an unexpected system failure occurs, then our Emergency Response team is dispatched on-site to rectify quickly resolve the issue.

We provide asset management for several reasons.
1) Software license management and metering. The significance of this is to avoid large fines for illegally using software. This assists in eliminating the issue of people attempting to integrate unauthorized copies of software programs into the enterprise system. Contributions to the system may be beneficial, but proper channels must be followed so as to not interfere with system operation (we don't want idle time because an unauthorized program was installed and brings down some part of the system.
2) Accurate asset information is provided to insurance carriers.
3) During physical system review, possbile security holes may be discovered and eliminated.

All the Networking components are taken into consideration when we architect networks, plan capacity, and monitor performance.

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