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System Security:

We probe systems for lax security. We improve security where security is deficient. We employ passwords, encryption/decryption, and digital certificates to protect a company's valuable possession, information.

Systems which contain sensitive and confidential data, yet also harbor customer service and marketing data that needs exposure to the Internet or an extranet require data protection mechanisms. We are diligent in prohibiting the compromise of critical enterprise data. We have the knowledge to impede and halt intrusion, extraction, and destruction of data by unauthorized users. We use a mechanism, known as a firewall, to restrict access into and out of the enterprise.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that 80% of malicious attacks on enterprise data is from internal sources, ie people working for the very company which they attack. We place a firewall between departments or divisions of an enterprise to diminish this problem. Further we invoke automated system auditing to isolate questionable behavior.

We work with our clients to determine degrees of data exposure and how deep a person or entity may reach into valuable corporate data. We then proceed with the placement, configuration, and testing of the security mechanisms.

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